How to get started playing with Martingale

If you have never had an account with a bookmaker before, you can easily and quickly get started with sports betting with or without the Martingale system in mind. Here, you typically just have to do the following:

  • Click through to a bookmaker on our list in the previous section.
  • Tap on the account creation option.
  • Complete the creation form with your personal data.
  • Choose a deposit method and make your first deposit.
  • Start playing with or without Martingale.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Martingale system

As always, we look at the pros and cons of this Martingale system, which you can see below.


  • It is a simple game system that is easy to understand.
  • You are given free rein to choose your basic bet.
  • There is potential to generate a profit in the shorter term.
  • Maybe you enjoy playing with the Martingale system more.


  • You increase your stakes gradually, which can be more challenging to control.
  • It can be hard to keep losing several times in a row.
  • Typically, you need a large spill budget to achieve success.
  • Big risk and little reward.

Who is the system best suited for?

system bets

First of all, remember that we are in a theoretical universe when it comes to winning with this system. You can never be sure of winning in gambling, and this is especially true with sports. It is never possible to predict what will happen in a football match, as no one has a fortune teller to show the future.

Having said that, this system is especially suitable for beginners. Players new to sports betting may find it easier to get started with a simple strategy like this. It is much simpler compared to many other sports betting strategies which are highly mathematical and thus advanced.

Furthermore, Martingale is also just suitable for those people who enjoy sports betting better when they follow a structure. There are many of the players at the bookmakers who get the most out of their bets on odds by following this particular scheme.

In essence, you can almost say that this type of tactic suits anyone and everyone. The question is more about whether it makes sense to choose this strategy over another. We can only answer that by looking at other systems below.

The Reverse Martingale Strategy

You can also play the reverse version of the strategy. Here we are talking about “Reverse Martingale”, which can therefore be translated to the reverse Martingale in Danish. Others know it as the Paroli system.

The name is associated with the fact that it is the exact opposite of the original Martingale system. The original Martingale system is a negative betting system and the reverse version is a positive betting system.

More players see it as a safer solution, as there is not the same risk of losing all the money in their gambling budget. The reverse method involves doubling your bet when you win a sports bet. Furthermore, you go back to your basic bet when you lose a bet.

The Mini Martingale System

The Mini Martingale System

There is also a miniature version of the Martingale system, which is called the Mini Martingale System. The difference here is that you as a player must realize when it is time to stop. This system is based on making sure that the amount of money you bet does not suddenly escalate. With the miniature version, there is a limit to how many times a player can double their bet. This means that you reduce the risks of losing money quickly, but it also reduces the chance of making a profit.

The Great Martingale System

You can also try the Grand Martingale system, which is also called The Great Martingale System. In fact, it is also called the Rothstein System. Here one can speak of a form of upgrading of the original system. The strategy is created to correct the challenges that may be with the original version.

In this system, you still double your bets when you lose a bet. However, it goes a step further by adding another unit to your bet when you lose a bet. At the same time, it adjusts so that you are encouraged to return to your base bet when you have won a bet. You can thus say that you are resetting the strategy.

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