Sports Betting Addiction

Signs You May Suffer From Sports Betting Addiction

Are You a Professional Sports Bettor?Many people fall into the illusion that they are professional sports bettors, since sports betting requires a certain amount of research and understanding of sports. However, in most cases, those who believe they are professional sports bettors actually have a severe gambling problem.  If you are truly a professional gambler and are familiar with this
Live Bets Feature

What to know about the Live Bets Feature

Live bets have been talked about a lot in the betting sphere, and for good reason. In previous years, bettors would just place their money on their selected market and pray it is successful. This was very frustrating as you could be losing your bet but be unable to do anything about it. Or you might see a game that you have an idea about how it will play out but be unable to bet on it because it
Martingale System Guide

Martingale System Guide

You probably landed here because you want to learn more about the world famous Martingale system. Originally, it was a roulette system, but it is also used to win money with e.g. sports betting. Here on this page you can read everything about gambling with this tactic. We even compare it to other famous betting systems such as the reverse Martingale system, the Henze system and others. What is
Profitable Sportsbooks

Using only Profitable Sportsbooks

This post will emphasize how you can recognize MMM sportsbooks, by this, we mean money making machines. These are sportsbooks that are optimized to grant you maximum chance of success, how can you recognize them? Just chill, read on and put the knowledge gained to practical use. Finding the best online sports betting sites might be tough. As legal online sports betting options become more popu

How to get started playing with Martingale

If you have never had an account with a bookmaker before, you can easily and quickly get started with sports betting with or without the Martingale system in mind. Here, you typically just have to do the following: Click through to a bookmaker on our list in the previous section.Tap on the account creation option.Complete the creation form with your personal data.Choose a deposit method and ma
Sporting Events

Sporting Events for Pro Bettors

Most pro bettors bet on only a single sport rather than diversifying their options. They become experts in that sporting event, knowing about every team, its players, and its leagues. Some even go as far as knowing details about the officials.  To be regarded as a pro bettor, making consistent profits is necessary, and one way of doing this is by knowing what game is best for you. With 22
Online Betting Websites

The Popularity of Online Betting Websites

Online betting websites have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more people taking advantage of the convenience, accessibility, and range of options available. With so many online betting websites vying for customers, it's no wonder that this area has become so competitive. BetAmo login is an example of a reliable online betting website that offers a comprehensive range of betting