What to know about the Live Bets Feature

Live bets have been talked about a lot in the betting sphere, and for good reason. In previous years, bettors would just place their money on their selected market and pray it is successful. This was very frustrating as you could be losing your bet but be unable to do anything about it. Or you might see a game that you have an idea about how it will play out but be unable to bet on it because it is already in progress. However, times have changed, as it is now possible to bet on games that are already in play. 

Online sportsbooks have introduced cool features that allow you to make multiple changes to a game or bet that is already in play. Live betting was one of these features; it allowed punters to stake on games that were already in progress. Till today, it is considered by many bettors as one of the most profitable features these sportsbooks have added to their platform. Another cool feature that also allows gamblers to tamper with events already in play is the cashout feature, which enables you to take whatever profit you have made even if the bet is still active. 

After you register on 22Bet Ghana, head to the live betting section to start placing bets immediately and without fuss, live bets are one of the most important sections in an online sportsbook, apart from probably the customer care section. Additionally, they are not as simple as standard wagers, so there are some things to know about them. 

The Odds Fluctuate 

The Odds Fluctuate 

Since these events are already underway, the odds are always changing to reflect the way the game is going. Hence, the reason why you must watch the game to know which direction it is flowing. At best, you use a sports statistics app or site to get live and in-depth stats about the game as it progresses. Guesses have a very low success rate in live betting.

Markets are Limited

Live games are usually limited in their market options, and as the game goes on more markets are made unavailable by the sportsbook. If a market becomes unattainable or not feasible, it will be locked by the sportsbook. So, whatever direction the game is following determines the market options that will still be available for that game. 

Requires Less Research 

Requires Less Research 

Regular bets require you to do endless research to ensure your wager at least has a high success rate. Live bets are the opposite because you can already decide what market you want to bet on by simply watching the match unfold. Also, since the markets are limited it reduces the time you will spend checking its probability of winning. 

Timing is Essential

Timing could be the difference between you making a profit or not making anything when playing live games. Since everything is happening in real-time, timing must be taken into the utmost consideration. For instance, if a team is demonstrating a lot of offensive ability, and you jump early on that thought that they would score, you would have outfoxed the sportsbook if the team does eventually score.

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