Try something new: Unique Danish Slots with 300 free spins

If you want to try something different, perhaps you should visit the SpilleHallen. As the only ones in Denmark, they offer the Danish Slot Machines. They have developed these completely unique slot machines themselves. Some of you may know them as these games were originally around the Danish physical arcades. SpilleHallen has succeeded in transferring these games to their online casino and improved them. They have chosen to add Jackpot pools to all these games and as recently as last week a record win of almost 1 million lovely tax-free kroner was triggered.

Slots with strategy options

Danske Spilleautomater basically all have 3 reels and you basically have to hit three similar symbols to trigger a win. These games are most often played in the lower right corner, as you can also see in the picture above. What is special about the Danish slot machines is that they also offer games within the game. You can simply influence the course and outcome of the game by the choices you make during the game. This is what, in our opinion, separates these unique slot machines from many others on the Danish gaming market. These feature games simply provide a different and deeper gaming experience than you have otherwise been used to. This gives you the opportunity to develop your own strategies as you get to know the game. The image we have posted on this article is an image from the slot machine Heroes which is on the simple end. We recommend that you start out with one of the simpler slot machines before throwing yourself into the probably somewhat more popular and not least complicated slot machines at SpilleHallen. We immediately assess that there are three levels of complexity on the Danish slot machines.

How do you play the Danish Slots?

There are four bet levels on the Danish slot machines. 25 øre, 50 øre, 1 kroner and 2 kroner. If you are not familiar with these slot machines in advance, we recommend that you start in the Hyggehjørnet at SpilleHallen. Here you can bet as little as 25 øre per bet. spin. It’s a super nice way to get to know the games and it doesn’t cost a fortune. Otherwise, all reels have a Hold function and the game triggers them for you based on what is most advantageous. The specific game instructions can be found under the individual game. It’s a good idea to read the instructions before jumping into a new game. It can increase your chances of winning if you know the game before betting your own money.

Payment lines in the Danish slot machines

Payment lines

As a starting point, you can only bet one line at a time when playing at one of the four bet levels. However, this does not mean that you have the opportunity to play on several winning lines along the way. You simply cannot buy yourself into this opportunity, but must instead win that opportunity. It is just one of the many features you can win along the way in the individual games.

Associated Jackpots on the slot machines

Whether it is Denmark’s best slot machines depends on an individual assessment. However, one thing is certain. All the Danish slot machines have associated Jackpots. The size of these Jackpots naturally depends on your bet level. In the last week of October 2019, the biggest Jackpot SpilleHallen has ever paid out was triggered. Just under 1 million was triggered when a player hit 3 Gold Bars during the bonus round he had triggered on the game Mount Everest. If you check out Mount Everest, you will discover that it is one of the more complicated games in the large bouquet of Danish slot machines. The player bet 2 kroner and, as mentioned, hit the three Gold bars which trigger the Gold Jackpot.

SpilleHallen itself claims that their Gold Jackpots are something special and perhaps there is something to the matter. These Jackpots are triggered quite often and this has been SpilleHallen´s goal right from the start. Better many small ones than Jackpots that are not triggered for 10 years. This means that there are often jackpots in the range of 100,000 to 500,000 kroner and that last week’s Gold Jackpot almost reached a million was completely unheard of.

Bonus at the Gambling Hall

Bonus at the Gambling Hall

As a new customer at SpilleHallen, you can test the Danish slot machines completely free of charge. The casino makes DKK 75 available to new customers and if you exchange these for coins worth 25 øre the games mean 300 free chances on one of the 10 Danish slot machines that offer bet levels of 25 øre. If you subsequently get a taste for more at SpilleHallen, you can get a nice little deposit bonus. This bonus is a 100% bonus of up to DKK 100 and you only have to convert these two bonuses once before you can withdraw any winnings.

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